All of your sightings, checklists, photos and
notes, together in one place.
All of Your Lists

At last, all of your birding lists together in one place.

Tired of having the lists of your birding trips and sightings scattered here and there?
SWIFT keeps all of your sighting information together, letting you compare
your lists year-to-year and season-to-season.

The SWIFT main screen displays all of your key birding information for your lists/locations. This information includes:

  • All-time count and species list
  • Count and species list for your top 5 years in every location
  • For locations 'mapped' to eBird hotspots, your current month count, all-time for the month count, current year count and all years count. Each one compared to the totals in eBird for those time periods
  • Full lists of species are displayed for each dated period, you can drilldown on any species by clicking on it
  • All photos from the location are displayed, with EXIF data from camera (if available). Photos can be added in SWIFT or imported from your eBird sighting
  • All notes you have saved with species or sightings, including those comments imported from eBird
Main Screen
Fastest Entry of Any Listing Software

One of the most important features in any birder listing software is how quickly you can enter your sightings. SWIFT has multiple methods for entering your sightings more quickly than you ever could before.

Every other listing software on the market requires you to type in part or all of a species name, very tedious and time consuming. With SWIFT, you can choose from checking birds off in the checklist, copying existing (similar) sightings as a starting point and then modifying them slightly or using some or all of the more common species SWIFT has kept track of as your 'regulars' for a given list.

Quick entry for past week
Easy checklist entry
Quickly change birds in checklist
SWIFT search makes it easy to find a species
Check off multiple species at once
Customize the appearance of the checklist
Your Photos

If you are one of the growing number of birders who take their digital camera into the field with them, you likely have hundreds or thousands of pictures of the birds you have seen.

There is no better way to organize your birding pictures right along your sightings than in SWIFT.

All photos

Unlike every other birding software that only allows an exact duplicate of your original photo, with SWIFT you can resize, crop and pan your photos right in the software. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can position the bird anywhere inside the frame, so it will appear just the way you want in SWIFT. Don't worry about affecting the original you have on file, SWIFT takes its own copy so your original remains unchanged.

Adding a photo in SWIFT

Your photos are displayed throughout SWIFT. When entering new sightings, if you hover over a species name, a saved photo will appear alongside.

Photos appear in your checklist

Looking back through your recorded sightings from the past months or years? Your photos will appear there as well, a great memory of your birding trips.

Favorite photos

Photos also show up in species-specific reports.

Photos show in reports
Share Your Sightings

SWIFT makes it easy to let others know what you have seen.

Every checklist and report can be easily exported to Excel by simply clicking on Export to CSV. Easily pass your sightings to your local birding group, forum, internet sightings board, etc. by exporting into a format read by every computer and emailing it.

Easily export any report to Excel by copying it to CSV

The displayed listing is copied to your Documents folder in Windows and can be opened in Excel or multiple other programs.

Easily export any report to Excel by copying it to CSV

If you simply want to copy the displayed list of species as straight text from SWIFT into another application, click on Copy to Clipboard.

Copy your sighting to the clipboard for pasting in any document

The displayed listing is copied to your clipboard and ready to be pasted into any text editor or other program.

Copy your sighting to the clipboard for pasting in any document
Your Sightings Are Secure

Your sighting records are safe the moment you put them in SWIFT.

Do you have your sightings on paper, multiple computer files, internet websites or free shareware software? Why take a chance with all of your years and years of sighting records? Store them in SWIFT with built-in backups for all of your sightings, notes and photos.

Get peace of mind knowing you are securing your sightings and photos in SWIFT, birding software that has been around for 15 years.

Your records are secure thanks to SWIFT's built-in backup system
All World Species Included

ALL world species are included, whichever edition you choose!

SWIFT is the only birder listing software on the market that includes all bird species in the world at no cost (Clements World List). Other software charges you extra, we don't charge at all!

SWIFT is the only birding software that includes ALL world species at no extra charge
Contributing Partner and Sponsor of the ABA

SWIFT is a Contributing Partner of the American Birding Association and a proud sponsor of the


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